Protection for every Student and Teacher

Protect your class with the Class Shield. Provides excellent clarity and 180 degree viewing/protection. Portable, light weight, easy to clean and disinfect. Make your classroom safer and give your students, employees and parents peace of mind. 

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Cost Effective PPE for Students and Teachers.

Our streamlined manufacturing process guarantees Class-Shield is one of the most economical desk barrier solutions available.   Up front pricing, and shipping included means protecting your classrooms and your budget.

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Shipping Included on All Orders

    We guarantee fast turnaround time on your orders.  Talk to a member of our preproduction team to place your order today.  Buyers are responsible for any potential taxes or duties.

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    Assembles in Seconds

    Watch as we demonstrate just how quick and easy the Class-Shield is ready to protect your students and teachers.

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    Fits on Standard desks

    No mounting required. Locks in place for stable protection. Large windows allow for panoramic viewing.

    Protection and utility

    Front access slot for handouts. Side ports for laptop cords. Adjusts from 90 degree’s to 110 degree’s to accommodate different desk styles and work areas.

    Easy shipping and storage

    Ships flat in sets of 20 for easy shipping and Storage.  Nationwide Shipping is Always INCLUDED! Folds flat for easy portability and storage.

    Product Spec's & Dimensions:

    Assembled Dimensions:

    W: 51cm  D: 40.5cm H: 61cm
    (20” x 16” x 24”)

    Flat Dimensions:

    W: 131cm  D: 0.06cm H: 61cm
    (51.5” x .025” x 24”)


    The Class-Shield is an innovative solution for your classroom. Its design is economical, portable and durable allowing for an added layer of separation in your classrooms where social distancing is difficult. Key features include:

    • Optically clear, shatter proof scratch resistant panes allow for 180-degree views with limited obstructions.
    • Polypropylene structure allows for lower costs, exceptional strength, and flexibility.
    • Handout access slot allows for faculty to deliver paperwork, review assignments, and collect booklets without losing protection.
    • Side slots allow for laptop charging with out obstruction.
    • Innovative one-piece design makes the Class-Shield easily portable for changing classrooms.
    • Lay flat design allows for easy shipping and storage enabling faculty to stow the shields until time of need with minimal storage space.
    • Locking slots prevent the Class – Shield from becoming unstable while still allowing flexibility to move from 90 degrees to almost 120 degrees to accommodate the widest array of workspaces.
    • Protects on all three sides. Unlike many sneeze guards the Class–Shield has been developed to ensure side coverage while still allowing for viewing from any angle. The large windows with no top support frame prevent blind spots for teachers and provide an open feel.
    • Class-Shield is a one piece Shield with no small hardware pieces (nuts / Bolts / Sharp edges) that could become a safety hazard to small children.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the cost for shipping?

    Nationwide Shipping is included on all our orders to the USA and Canada. The lightweight compact design allows for expedited shipping regardless of where you school is located.  Ships in boxes of 20 typically the same or next day (dependant on order size).

    How long will it take to arrive?

    We have a large standing stock of our Class-Shields but the demand is high with return to School Safety Programs . Our aim is to have these delivered in approximately 1 week, an Estimated Time of Delivery will be provided at the time of order.

    How much do these cost?
    The Class-Shield is an economical solution with premium components. The ability to fold flat and the use of fluted polypropylene for the structural design makes the Class-Shield a low-cost alternative to expensive polycarbonate solutions.  We have made a conscious effort to ensure these class shields are made of high-quality materials that will be durable in a classroom setting. That said we also know that value for your investment is particularly important. Please request a no obligation quote with your quantities/location and you will receive a quote inclusive of shipping immediately.

    What are your shields made of?

    The Class-Shield is an innovative design combining the clarity and quality of Thick 030 or 040 Polycarbonate or PETG  the same material that protective eye-wear and Face Shields are made with. Fluted polypropylene is economical and durable. The scratch resistant optically clear lenses allow for easy viewing while being nonporous for easy cleaning.

    How do you clean these?
    The Class-Shields can be Cleaned while they are assembled or while they are laying flat.   Please note some cleaners/cloths are abrasive or can damage the clarity of the screen. Always test your cleaners on the screen in an area that will not affect the sight line to ensure there is no damage to the unit. Please use a non abrasive microfiber cloth and avoid any abrasive materials. Do not submerge or excessively soak with cleaning solution as that may affect the tape bond over time.

    How do you secure these to desks?

    The Class–Shield has been developed to be portable or mounted with tape.  If you require a fixed mounting solution If you need to secure the unit to a desk or table.  We recommend using clear packing tape, this will not damage the shield or the Desk. Many competitive units have permanent adhesives which cause damage when removed, prevent proper cleaning and eliminate the ability to stow and redeploy as needs require.

    Do these fit on standard desks?

    The Class-Shield has been developed specifically to fit on a standard 24”x18” while maximizing the coverage. The flexibility of the materials allow for a expansion on the ends from 90 degrees to almost 120 degrees accommodating a larger work area on custom desks or tables. If you have a different size desk we would look to do a custom design for any orders over 200 units.

    Do you make custom designs?

    The Class – Shield is custom fabricated allowing for easy customization. If you need an alternative design we would accommodate that need on any orders of 200 units. Pricing is based on material usage and ease of fabrication but in many cases we can offer the same economical price while offering a customized solution.

    Are all sales final?

    We create these in a controlled environment and cannot accept returns due to the potential contamination of the product, shipping costs involved, and challenges caused by custom production and demand themselves. Returns will only be accepted due to product defects and shipping errors.

    What is the refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the product, manufacturing/shipping and on demand stocking all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

    ​​We will respond to your quote request by email before the end of the day,
    if you have not received an email from us please check your junk folder.